5 Signs Your Business Should Hire a Local SEO Expert

5 Signs Your Business Should Hire a Local SEO Expert

Local SEO Can Make All The Difference For Your Business

If your business serves a local market, a local SEO expert can increase your following by the thousands.

How? By increasing your rank in local Google search results and exposing your business to more people!

That’s the job of an SEO expert anywhere: to increase the visibility of your business and attract relevant website visitors using search engine optimization tactics for higher ranking. If you’re looking to draw in more local customers using the web, a local SEO expert is where to start.

But why should you focus on local SEO? And does your company need an SEO expert? I’ll do my best to make a case for both.

Here are five signs you should hire a local SEO expert to help increase your return!

1. You're Not Feeling the Google Love

Have you ever heard someone say that Google has a love for businesses, especially small local businesses? Even if you haven’t heard it, Google provides a lot of free or specialized services to small business to promote success.

Consider the fact that Google’s entire algorithm for top search ranking is based on relevancy. If a consumer is looking for a product or service, this often leads to local search results.

Doing business well today requires companies to invest more in local SEO experts who can leverage phrases, keywords, and topics that are likely to result in higher ranking.

If your business is not coming up on the top search result spot – or even the first page – you need to focus on SEO. If you’re a local business, this is even more important. You simply have to be included in 3-pack local listings.

A local SEO specialist will know what steps to take so you take advantage of this opportunity.

2. You Haven't Updated Your Web Copy Recently

Have you updated your homepage descriptions and greetings recently? Are you featuring useful content and keeping the blog fresh with new articles?

Stay Relevant on Google

Organic content that is relevant is precisely what the Google bots are crawling for when they index sites for results. Google also keeps an eye out for your on-site performance. Simply put, what do site visitors do when they come to your site.

SEO is much more than refreshing your old content and blogging once a week.
Your website has to be visually appealing to visitors and engage them with leading content and useful resources. A top local SEO pro will be backed up by a team of professional web designers and copywriters.
They will also have a knack for optimizing your site to achieve a higher conversion rate. At a minimum, a local SEO will work closely with a (CRO) conversion rate optimization specialist.
Site optimization means the page will drive visitors to take action. This could be accomplished by providing a number to call or a lead capture form. But listing a phone number or adding a form isn’t enough – you need visitors to convert. Google loves conversions because they confirm relevancy for Google. The net result of a high conversion rate is more top search rankings.

By thinking about what happens on your site, a local SEO expert will take a holistic approach to ranking your site.

Maintaining Your Own Website

It’s easy for businesses to create and maintain their websites these days. Content management systems like WordPress and Squarespace are note difficult to use. You can layout a page and create a flow that encourages users to become customers.
But if you’re not able to fill the page with Google-focused, SEO content, how will any customers find you in the first place? You have your area of expertise and maintaining website probably isn’t it.

3. You Haven't Optimized for "Near Me" Searches

Many searches are made explicitly to find a specific service or product. And the results could show off your product or service if you set up your strategy with local SEO in mind.

The search term “near me” comes up when people are searching for many things: Chinese food, car repair, doctors or lawyers. “Near me” is frequently used in voice search which will only grow in popularity with smartphones.

The most effective way to take advantage of this trend is having a high count of backlinks with your city/state in the anchor text. Our analysis shows us that this correlates big time with better rankings. On top of that, the percent of your backlinks with geo-optimized anchor text correlates highly with “near me” search success.

So if you don’t have the time or expertise to secure these backlinks (or know what a backlink is), hire a local SEO expert.

A local SEO specialist will understand how to tackle this for you.

4. You Aren't Getting the Results You Want

You should always look ahead to new ways to drive higher web traffic and conversions rates. That’s how you’re going to grow your business in 2018.

If you’re not growing as much as you’d like (or business is declining), you need to hire a local SEO specialist.

Local search engine optimization comes a lot easier to professionals than an amateur. There’s a reason why many SEO companies are open for business: the science of our methods bring results.

Local SEO experts understand target audiences and how they search. We can craft compelling content to snag search engine bots for top results.

Real results come from SEO experts who can create content for all your channels. They can also show numbers to back up their methods for local keywords. White Peak clients have access to an online results dashboard, 24 x 7 x 365.

If you’re not getting the results you need, have an expert break down their process. Have them show you in detail each step they’ll take to deliver results. If they can’t break down the expected results in a detailed and methodical plan, move on to the next local SEO.

5. Keeping up with Changing SEO Rules Doesn't Seem Worth It

To make their product (their search engine) better, Google regularly updates their SEO algorithm. They rarely announce their changes. Even when they do publish updates, there are few official suggestions for accomplishing higher ranking.

Mastering Google’s algorithm changes require tons of testing.

Figuring out how to stay relevant with SEO can seem like a big headache at times if you’re doing SEO in-house. But if you’re looking to grow or maintain your business, SEO is well worth the trouble.

If you’re not a local SEO professional, dealing with algorithm changes is probably a pain in the neck. SEO pros keep up with algorithm updates and continuously test out their strategies live on the web.

As I said before, there’s a science to SEO that is far from ordinary knowledge. And yes, the rules are always changing. But that’s where the convenience of outsourcing to a local expert comes in. Instead of wasting time trying to play catch up with new trends and tactics, hire a reliable expert who comes with a plan for success.

Invest in a Local SEO Expert for Higher Returns

Here’s the short answer: if you don’t already have a local SEO expert, it’s time to invest! The potential returns are too significant to pass up, and the cost of failure is too high.

Long gone are the days of phone books. Everyone starts their buying process on the web these days. So if your local business is going to have a healthy future, it’s essential you meet customers where they are – Google search results.

Let us know if we can help you with your local search rankings. Our initial discussions are always free.

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