A Digital Marketing Agency That Generates More Traffic, Leads, and Sales

Every business reaches a point where its time to accelerate growth.

White Peak is a digital marketing agency which is laser-focused on our client’s growth.

  • We’ll create a customized marketing plan for your business with actionable strategies.
  • More than 90% of U.S. Internet users start their Internet usage from a search engine. Therefore, your search engine optimization is our highest priority.
  • Your website is the face of your business – all day, every day. Our designers and developers will ensure your website design sets you apart from your competitors. 
  • Our social media marketing programs generate leads and sales – guaranteed.
  • We are Nevada’s #1 Google Adwords agency. We optimize your campaigns daily to deliver qualified traffic to your site with the best possible ROI.
  • All of your results are available 24x7x365 through our proprietary client dashboard.
Growth Dashboard

About White Peak

White Peak is Reno’s leading full-service digital marketing agency. White Peak is unique because our team members have started, built and grown several successful internet businesses which have served millions of Internet users. We apply the very same methodology to our clients’ growth that we have used to grow our own companies. 

The company was founded by serial entrepreneur and growth hacker, Tim Woda.

There are no lucky guesses in our processes – just research-driven strategy. Every member of our team understands that your goals are to generate more traffic, leads, sales and audience engagement. Therefore we get past handshakes and introductions quickly (and nicely) so we can start your brand, user and messaging discovery discussions and exercises with you. White Peak’s services include results-oriented website design, SEO, PPC, content creation and marketing, social media and lead generation.

Our Methodology

Growth Hacking Funnel

The image of a funnel should dominate your understanding of our growth hacking methodology and the metrics we focus on to measure success.

By helping you focus on each stage of the customer lifecycle, you will be able to lead prospects to your desired destination – sales and growing revenue.

White Peak’s interpretation of the funnel is:

  1. Create awareness of brand or product
  2. Acquire new website visitors
  3. Activate new customers
  4. Retain users after the first experience with brand or product
  5. Maximize revenue
  6. Generate referrals from customers

Some Of Our Contributions

Your business isn’t based on guesswork. Your growth strategy shouldn’t be, either. Our growth hackers and digital marketers have successfully executed hundreds of different growth tactics that have contributed to the companies we’ve worked with. What will your success story look like?


  • Designed and developed a new website and landing pages
  • Redesigned sales literature and product marketing assets
  • Created a content and social media strategy that grew the mailing list by from 2,200 to more than 26,000 prospects
  • Improved website conversion rate by 76%


  • Designed and developed a new website and landing pages
  • Earned top spot on Google and Bing for dozens of critical keywords
  • Revised product messaging with a clear customer value proposition
  • Increased leads and sales velocity while also reducing marketing budget by more than 50%


  • Increasing participation in the company’s reseller program by 1150%
  • Optimized product price through a series of optimization tests
  • Improved website conversion rate through a/b testing
  • Created sales and product marketing assets for new service offerings


  • Designed and developed a new website focused on lead generation
  • Revised marketing technology stack
  • Executed a content strategy that increased prospect list by 105%
  • Search engine optimization helped company dominate Google’s search results