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White Peak

White Peak is Reno’s leading full-service digital marketing agency. Our goal is to be so much more than a successful agency, we want to be your long term growth partner.

White Peak invests heavily in building relationships based on transparency, customer support and delivering great results.

White Peak
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The Basics

White Peak is a Reno-based digital marketing agency. On the simplest terms, we harness the power of the internet to help our customers share their stories and grow their revenue.

A Different Kind of Digital Marketing Agency

White Peak is different from other digital marketing agencies because the background of our team members is so special. Everyone on our team has experience starting, building and growing their own successful business before joining our team. In fact, those businesses have served more than 800 million internet users.

That non-agency experience enables White Peak to approach our customers’ businesses much more holistically. We connect the dots better because we’re not just digital marketers running campaigns, we’re also entrepreneurs – just like our customers.

Our Impact

White Peak impacts each of our customers differently. For some, we help them nail their messaging. For others, we build powerfully effective websites. For most customers, we’re delivering and executing digital marketing campaigns that get measurable results they can feel and see.

Why Reno, Nevada

The city of Reno is extremely important to White Peak. It provides us with amazing infrastructure to run a company. We have a great little airport that makes it super easy to visit customers. But Reno also sits in the middle of a thriving business corridor. A lot of our customers are in the Mountain West, the Bay Area and certainly right here in Northern Nevada. Most importantly, the people of Reno are super supportive of local businesses, like White Peak.

More Than a Digital Agency

The goal of White Peak is to be so much more than a digital agency, we want to be our customers’ growth partner. Because of this, we heavily invest in building relationships based on transparency, service and delivering great results.

White Peak

Generates More Traffic, Leads, and Sales

We are experts at growing businesses.

About White Peak

White Peak is not a typical agency.

  • We’re more than marketers, we’re entrepreneurs that know how to use the web to grow businesses.

  • As a group, we have a combined 55 years of experience starting, building and growing our very own businesses that have served more than 800 million Internet users.

  • That non-agency experience enables us to approach your business holistically and connect the dots better than traditional marketers.

  • Our team will take a look at your business with a wide lens, design a winning digital plan to help you grow, and then execute on that plan.

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In the Heart of Reno

We’re proud to be building White Peak in Reno, and more specifically that we call Reno our hometown. Our main office is located in the heart of downtown.

Reno is a great city for us to build a business in because it sits in an amazing customer corridor. In fact, many of our customer come from the Mountain West, the Bay Area, and of course, right here in Northern Nevada. The city also does a great job of supporting local businesses like White Peak.

Our team is also privileged to partner with other Reno entrepreneurs, local churches, and non-profit organizations in philanthropic endeavors, working to stimulate the local economy, and providing scholarships to students attending UNR and other local schools.

Digital Marketing Reno

Our Purpose

What we do at White Peak each day is so much more important to us than building and marketing websites and brands. If our work were just about being the best digital marketing agency – we’re running the wrong race. That’s empty.

“Our purpose” is to bring glory to God with the quality of our work, communication, and business practices and to serve our employees, partners, and customers in a manner that reflects the love of Jesus Christ. That’s a race worth running!

The White Peak Team of Rock Star Digital Marketers

Tim Woda
Tim WodaFounder & CEO
Kristin Stith
Kristin StithPresident, White Peak Branding
Leanna Carson
Leanna CarsonPresident, White Peak Social
Othman C.
Othman C.Lead Developer
Renelle P.
Renelle P.Client Services Manager & SEO
Rikki R.
Rikki R.Copywriter
Med B.
Med B.WordPress Developer
Nick B.
Nick B.Search Engine Marketing
Megan M.
Megan M.Graphic Designer
Chanice O.
Chanice O.FB Advertising
Ananya R.
Ananya R.Graphic Design
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