12 Strategies To Dominate WordPress SEO in 2022

12 Strategies To Dominate WordPress SEO in 2022

When it comes to search engine optimization, or SEO as it’s often known, it is important to realize that it is not an exact science. However, with that in mind, it is also crucial to understand that a specific strategy can help to increase the likelihood that your website and content will get better engagement and rankings.

We’ll show you how you can dominate WordPress SEO and Google SERPs in 2022!

Understanding these strategies allows you to spend your time wisely doing things that will boost your WordPress SEO success. Whether running a blog, company website, or e-commerce store via WordPress, you need to know the best SEO strategies and how to utilize them effectively.

The fact is that when it comes to business growth, SEO is a vital tool and one that you cannot ignore, which is why understanding what the best and most effective strategies are for 2022 will be so important.

An essential part of SEO success is tailoring your strategies to your platform, such as WordPress. Bearing that in mind and that WordPress is the most popular platform for website and blog creation, we have outlined 12 strategies that should help you dominate WordPress SEO in 2022.

1. Optimize your site for mobile browsing

Did you know that most people use smartphones to browse the internet and social media platforms more than computers? Some time ago, Google launched its first mobile index, which means that instead of using the desktop site of websites and blogs to rank them, Google’s main index now uses mobile sites.

What does this mean for website and blog owners? First, mobile browsing has become more critical than ever before regarding onsite SEO. To ensure that your site is optimized for mobile browsing and ranking, check whether the theme is responsive. If it isn’t, this means that the site is not mobile browser friendly, and it could be time to pick a new WordPress theme.

2. Links are an important driver for success

It’s no secret that carefully positioned links help a website rank highly in search engines like Google. However, many people don’t realize just how important they are — Google has confirmed that when it comes to search engine ranking success, they are one of the top factors taken into account.

There is a common misconception that when it comes to content creation, effective link-building is enough to ensure that a post on WordPress ranks highly regarding SEO. However, that isn’t the case – good link building can’t carry poorly put-together posts, so although links are essential, so is quality content.

3. Optimize your website or blog to use voice search

In the past ten years, voice search has seen a rise in use by over 50%, which means that this function for searching for relevant content is becoming increasingly popular. This is partly because speech recognition from smartphones, tablets, and computers has improved to around 95%, meaning that using voice search is much simpler and more effective than it once was.

dominate WordPress SEO

To dominate WordPress SEO, you need to be mindful of voice search. Voice search will become even more popular and be used more frequently for inquiries, so you must ensure that your WordPress site ranks in both typed and voice searches. Otherwise, you could be losing thousands of page views a month.

4. Optimize your content to be ‘rich answer’ friendly

Wondering what ‘rich answers’ are? A rich answer is a direct response to a query typed into Google instead of having to sort through page after page of ranked content. Think about a time when you searched a question such as ‘What is SEO?’ in Google, and a direct answer like “SEO stands for search engine optimization” came up.

Bearing that in mind, the question is: how can you optimize your content to be rich answer friendly? One of the best ways to do so is to ask direct questions in your content and give short, simple explanations followed by more in-depth information. You should also mark your pages and posts with FAQs with FAQ Schema Markup. If you need help implementing Schema Mark Up, let us know, and we can help. As an SEO agency, we can handle this for you.

Optimizing for rich answers will increase the chances that your WordPress site will be pulled to the top of a search when a question is asked.

5. Stick to shorter URLs

While it has always been the case that longer URLs containing a more comprehensive selection of keywords rank higher in search engines, that is no longer the case. The fact is that many SEO specialists are now suggesting that actually, using shorter URLs can be more beneficial when it comes to how a site ranks in search engines.

Google has not set a certain amount of words that should be included in URLs, but what Google has said is that after the first five or six words, nothing else will be counted or will impact how the piece of content ranks. To create customer links in WordPress, you can download and utilize a range of plugins.

6. Install an SEO plugin

To ensure that content is SEO-friendly and well-written, SEO plugins, such as Yoast, RankMath, All in One SEO Pack, or Squirrly SEO, can be installed on your WordPress blog or website. Before a post is live, these plugins can be used to determine the post’s potential SEO score and search engine ranking.

The best SEO plugins to dominate WordPress SEO provides users with a wide range of options regarding meta tags, page titles, keywords and phrases, and tags and archives. You will find that all of the most effective SEO tools, even the free ones, offer assistance when it comes to choosing a selection of keywords and phrases. These tools can help ensure that these have not been overused throughout your content, which would negatively impact the piece’s SEO score.

7. Effective internal linking

WordPress actively encourages its users to link to their older content in new posts and relevant content from other sites. By backlinking to your old posts, you create a link to posts on your site. In addition, internal backlinking makes navigation within your site easier for bots and improves your search engine rank.

dominate WordPress SEO

Many WordPress users prefer to use a ‘popular posts’ plugin, which generates a wheel of popular posts to be shown in one section of the website. However, studies show that this method is not as effective as manually linking to older posts within content based on a predefined strategy.

Plan and work on your content strategy, and you will succeed more than accepting auto-suggestions.

8. Optimize your images

Regarding SEO strategies for WordPress success, it’s not just about the content itself but also the images. One key hack to try is compressing images to make them smaller and thus ensure that pages load more quickly. To do this, apps like Smash It can be great tools to use, as they make optimizing images much simpler. TinyPNG is a great, free tool to help you with image compression, and we also recommend ShortPixel.

To help ensure that your images rank well in image searches, it pays to use image tags to optimize them. In addition, adding image captions that are SEO-friendly can also help to boost a post’s SEO score and search engine ranking.

9. Get creative with post titles

When it comes to SEO strategies to dominate WordPress SEO, one of the simplest and most effective ones is tweaking your post titles. Post titles greatly impact SERPS, so getting them right is vital. Additionally, to give a piece of content every chance of ranking well in search engines, a title with all the necessary keywords is vital, as these words and phrases can help ensure that your page ranks well in search engines.

The lower the keyword’s competition – aka the more unique – the more successful it should be. That being said, it is also essential to ensure that the keywords and phrases used are things that people search for. The Google Ads keyword checker is a valuable tool, as it can show you what words are actually getting used and will help boost your SEO scores for your WordPress blog or website.

10. Add fresh content regularly

Blogs and websites that regularly and consistently post content tend to rank better in search engines. This is because Google prefers fresh content over older content, especially as many of today’s searches are time-sensitive. This means that for your website as a whole and your content to rank highly, it is vital that you consistently upload new content to your WordPress site.

dominate WordPress SEO

Something that is vital to understand is that if you post four times one week and then not at all for two weeks, this will harm your website’s SEO. It is much better to post two posts a week every week rather than posting a few posts at once and then nothing for a prolonged period of time.

11. Put the most important keywords first

In the first paragraph, it is vital that you include a selection of the most relevant and important keywords. Why? Because when Google and other search engines index a page, they give the first few paragraphs of a page the most importance. By placing more relevant keywords and phrases at the start of a page, the better chance your page has at ranking higher in search results.

12. Focus on viral marketing

Don’t be afraid to make waves. Far too many bloggers and business owners are afraid to make waves regarding what they post, but if you want your content to be highly rankable, it can pay to be a little less conservative and make your content get noticed so that it’s more shareable. After all, the more shareable the content, the more likely it will go viral.

There you have it, your guide to 12 strategies to dominate WordPress SEO in 2022. Take note, and you can ensure that your WordPress site is the best that it can be. 

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