B2B Lead Generation Tools

5 B2B Lead Generation Tools You Can’t Live Without

What makes a good B2B Lead Generation Tool? We believe lead quality over quantity, automation, and integration with your most-used software are the keys to great lead generation.

We’ve put together a list of the must-have B2B Lead Generation Tools for email, phone, video, and more to supercharge your sales efforts.



Supercharge Your Sales Team With Reply

Reply is a B2B lead generation tool designed to help you generate more leads across various channels. This multichannel outreach tool allows you to connect with potential customers through LinkedIn, emails, calls, or WhatsApp, all from one location.

Reply makes cold emailing and email marketing easy with template creation, delivery schedules, and A/B testing to determine which email version will generate better results.  But one of the most notable features is an email quality check based on an algorithm of more than 10 million emails. This tool analyzes your text-based emails using five parameters: subject length, word count, question count, reading level, and positivity to give you instant suggestions and optimize your message for higher open and reply rates.

Are you leading a team of sales representatives? You can measure and analyze your sales team’s progress with Reply’s detailed reports and analytics. With this powerful feature, you’ll be able to record and listen to phone calls, view email delivery, open and reply rates, track the outcomes of each sequence and team member, and so much more.

Finally, this B2B lead generation tool features a Chrome extension that integrates with LinkedIn to easily find and create new contacts. Just download and install the free LinkedIn Email Finder from the Chrome Extension Store. Once you visit someone’s LinkedIn profile, the extension will automatically gather information about that person, including their name, company, title, and profile URL. Using a third party, Reply will then find the email address if it is not readily visible. From there, you can assign your new contact to one of your sales sequences.

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Reply has a selection of paid plans to boost your lead generation efforts, no matter your business’s size. You can even test the full list of impressive features with a 14-day trial period.


Generate More Sales Qualified Leads

LimeCall is a B2B lead generation tool created to get more leads on the phone with you. According to Brevet, a national sales consulting firm, 30-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. This means you and your team should be ready to take calls from potential customers as soon as possible. With LimeCall, you can generate more leads from your website with a powerful Click to Call feature that delivers a call from your team within 28 seconds.

It works by adding a widget to your website and analyzing the visitor’s behaviors, waiting for just the right time to pop up and offer a phone call. The interested visitor can then enter their phone number and request a call instantly or schedule a callback later. You can customize the popup timing and appearance as needed. It’s that simple!

But LimeCall’s service doesn’t end there. This B2B lead generation tool is packed with features to track your business’ sales performance and boost your efforts. Call recording, automatic outbound calling, SMS follow-up, and call masking are some of the value-added features they offer. Of course, data is essential to the sales funnel, so all activities with the customer are logged on the built-in CRM, so you know where they are in the sales funnel.

Lastly, no matter your sales team’s size, you can supercharge LimeCall with several integrations for a more holistic lead generation strategy. This tool connects with some of your favorite platforms and software, including Office 365, Salesforce, Marketo, Slack, and so many more

LimeCall’s pricing tiers range from a free version with all the basic features up to a custom enterprise plan. Test it out with a free 14-day trial and see website visitors’ call requests start rolling in!

Convert Pro

Lead Generation Plugin

Need a B2B lead generation tool that will guarantee to grow your email list? Convert Pro is your answer.

According to OptinMonster, 79% of B2B marketers say that email marketing is their most successful content distribution channel. But contrary to popular belief, this strategy is more than just collecting email addresses to send company newsletters. There are various ways to improve lead generation with Opt-In forms, and Convert Pro can do it all.

One way is through gated content or “locked” content. This strategy asks for the visitor’s email address to unlock access to premium content. Not only do you obtain an email address, but Convert Pro takes note of when and where the user opted-in, giving you an idea of what specific content or topic they’re interested in.

Offering freebies or discounts to new visitors is another Convert Pro Opt-in plugin feature. Website Cookies allow your website to distinguish between new and returning visitors, enabling you to win over new users with an offer if they provide their email addresses.

Maybe your prospective leads don’t need bonus content but will offer up their information to get in contact with you. This B2B lead generation tool also has eye-capturing, customizable contact forms to collect information. Create a form with name and email fields and offer a dropdown of which service or product they want to know more about. This tactic gets you a warm lead who has shown interest and has expressed a need.

As you can see, there are plenty of creative ways to generate leads from your website using an opt-in form. Convert Pro makes the process easy with dozens of templates that you can customize, your choice of triggers to force the opt-in popup, and integrations with email marketing platforms, Google Analytics, and CRMs.



Ecommerce retail experts predict that by 2022, 82% of all consumer internet traffic will come from videos. This opens an opportunity for those who operate in the B2B sector.  Videos can show potential customers a more in-depth experience of products or services than an email newsletter or phone call can provide. Even more intriguing to brands is the functionality of adding a call-to-action (CTA) form in the video to generate leads.

Wistia is a B2B lead generation tool that marries the value of video with opt-in forms. This video platform allows you to add interactive elements to your content, such as CTAs, email opt-ins, annotation links, and more.

You can upload your videos and embed them directly onto your website, bypassing the distracting ads and video recommendations like other platforms. Wistia also lets you customize the video player to match your brand, giving users a seamless experience and encouraging them to stay on your site.

This tool also captures viewer data that you use to turn into leads or reach more people with platform integrations. For example, integrating with Facebook or Google ad platforms can help you reach new viewers using lookalike audiences. You can also use the data for retargeting and engaging returning visitors by recommending similar content. Wistia also integrates with other sales and tools like Pardot, Hubspot, Zendesk, and others.

Additionally, video data and analytics will show you viewer behaviors, like how much of the video they watched and what buttons they clicked. You can even run A/B tests to discover which video version generated the most leads.

Explainer, how-to, testimonials, and unboxing videos are a few ways to get started in giving a highly visual generation a closer look at products and services. Here are some video ideas to get started.

White Peak’s B2B Lead Generation Service

B2B Lead Generation Tools

Ok, this isn’t a tool as much as a service, but you can’t skip this B2B Lead Generation Tool this year.

Content is still king, and with our B2B Lead Generation service, we’ll ensure the king works to serve you and your sales team. This service combines the power of content and the supercharged vehicle of LinkedIn to bring you warm leads.

You’ll need the following to take full advantage of this service:

First, you will need a LinkedIn profile and a subscription to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which we’ll use to build a targeted list of ideal prospects.

Next, our team of experts will work with you to create predefined messages customized to the service subscriber. These messages will include greetings, value propositions, nurturing, calls to action, and more.

Then we’ll take the next step of creating or curating content that is valuable to your ideal customers. This service takes it to the next level by providing company decision-makers with useful and informative C-level content.

Last, if you have a website, we’ll work with you to ensure the content is added to your site as a Lead Magnet. We’ll advise you on creating a reliable lead generation funnel with follow-up lead nurturing emails. We can even perform this work for you for a small fee.

Here’s how the pieces fit together:

According to Hubspot’s research, only 3% of your market actively buys at any given time. 56% are not ready, and 40% are poised to begin. This means you must communicate with the 3% who are prepared to buy differently than the other 97% who need to be nurtured.

Fortunately, the White Peak team will take out the guesswork and implement plans for both audiences. We will use an automated process to nurture the 97% with quality content. More importantly, we’ll ensure to capitalize on the readiness of the 3% who are actively buying by building digital relationships.

Speak with one of our experts to determine how we can help get 10-15 hot prospects to your team each month.

Make B2B Lead Generation Tools Work For You

A great lead generation tool shouldn’t take up the time and effort you need to focus on hot prospects. Instead, it should work in the background, nurturing and making new contacts. It should integrate with tools you already use to create a seamless sales experience. In other words, let the tools do the dirty work for you.

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