Who is Tim Woda

Tim Woda is the founder and CEO of White Peak. He is a serial entrepreneur who is obsessed with data and growing traffic, sales, and revenue.

Tim founded or been on the founding team of several successful startups – companies like buySAFEuKnowKids, and Channel IQ. Those companies have collectively served literally billions of people. In the case of uKnowKids and Channel IQ, the businesses were eventually purchased by competitors.

When Tim started White Peak, he did so because so many people he knew that were running businesses were struggling to grow. He felt that his experience as a successful entrepreneur, marketer, and growth hacker could be used to help other companies.

The Common Thread

The Internet is the main driver of modern business growth, yet digital marketing isn’t well understood by many executives and product teams.

Effective digital marketing requires specialized knowledge and experience and the ability to execute quickly.

Some businesses rely heavily on their product teams, traditional marketers or sales execs to lead their digital marketing efforts. That’s no wiser than relying on an SEO specialist to lead your product strategy.

The Internet changes fast and so do the digital marketing strategies and technologies that deliver results. Tim and his team take advantage of the latest approaches and innovative ideas to help you realize (and sustain) exponential growth.

Testimonials and Recommendations

Tim is a pleasure to work with. He is very hands-on and will do everything he can to accommodate tight timelines and unusual requests. Always professional, Tim takes the time to make sure the quality of his work and product are top-notch. 

David Cudrak
Project Manager