LinkedIn Lead Generation Service

Tatum is an executive consulting services firm. They work with their clients to address complex issues not easily
solved from within the organization. Tatum engaged White Peak in order to increase leads for their sales team.

By the Numbers

Prior to engaging White Peak’s B2B Lead Generation, the typical Tatum sales producer conducted 3-4 sales meetings per week, and interaction with the company’s brand online was minimal. After engaging White Peak, Tatam realized a significant increase in sales meetings throughout the year. They also saw their online brand engagement go through the roof and Tatum experienced a huge increase in YoY revenue.

New Sales Meetings Per Rep Per Month
Increase in Revenue
Increase in Brand Engagement

White Peak is an extremely innovative and exciting company to work with. They have helped us tremendously with increasing our Sales and Marketing activity. They are truly experts in their field.

Scott Little

National Sales Director

The Client

A well-established and trusted executive consulting services firm, Tatum helps companies navigate critical points in the business lifecycle and execute their strategic initiatives in accounting, finance, technology, compliance and transactions. They frequently serve as trusted advisers to the office of the C-suite and address complex issues not easily solved from within the organization.

Tatum’s retained search services deliver some of the best talent on the market today. The experts at Tatum Executive Search understand the impact top talent has on an organization. They specialize in identifying and securing C-suite, vice president, director and senior-level management for the most complex executive placements.

The Challenge

Tatum operates in a fiercely competitive industry dominated by several large competitors. Unfortunately, the company was not receiving a great deal of marketing support from their parent company. Tatum’s one-person marketing organization was stretched to its limit. As a result, the Regional Managers were were generating a limited number of sales meetings each month. Overall, Tatum’s revenue growth wasn’t growing as fast as they’d like. The President was determined to find a way to increase the number of prospects going into the top of the funnel and jump-start revenue growth.

d from within the organization.

Our Approach

LinkedIn has opened up a floodgate of opportunity for those that know how to harness its potential. There are 500+ million users, and 76% of executives check their LinkedIn account daily.

Tatum engaged White Peak to provide our Premium B2B Lead Generation. The service takes full advantage of the LinkedIn opportunity.

White Peak created a customized campaign for each member of Tatum’s sales organization. We began by using LinkedIn to identify 1,500 targets for each Regional Manager each month – primarily CEOs and CHROs for large corporations. Those targets were then added to the multi-touch lead generation and nurturing campaigns which were delivered via the LinkedIn messaging system.

White Peak automated the entire process with our proprietary technology. Qualified campaign respondents were funneled to Tatum’s sales organization for direct engagement.

White Peak also created six high-value pieces of content for Tatum’s blog each month. Each piece of content demonstrated Tatum’s subject matter expertise in their industry. Tatum added the content to its blog which we shared on each Regional Managers’ LinkedIn feed.

A dedicated White Peak Client Marketing Manager optimized all sixteen campaigns each month. Tatum also had access to all campaign details via a results dashboard.

The Results

The Tatum Regional Managers were flooded with new, qualified leads. In fact, all sixteen of the campaigns have been so successful that it is common for a Regional Manager to temporarily pause their campaign so that they don’t fall behind on lead follow up.

“White Peak is an extremely innovative and exciting company to work with,” said Scott Little, Tatum’s National Sales Director. “They have helped us tremendously with increasing our Sales and Marketing activity. They are truly experts in their field.”

Brand engagement has also exploded. The typical piece of White Peak-created blog content has been engaged with on LinkedIn 1,000x more than previous content. As a result, Tatum’s target audience is getting to know and trust the brand as a domain expert.

Most importantly, Tatum has enjoyed a significant increase in revenue growth.

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