Copywriting Questionnaire

You’re the expert in your business so we need your input to deliver outstanding website copy for your project. These questions help us uncover the information we need to write amazing copy for you. Taking a few moments now saves a lot of time later because we’re able to reduce the number of edits.

Christine Woda, Content Manager
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If we've recommended a title, that title is based on our SEO research and part of a larger strategy. If this is a new topic, we'll do keyword research before we get started and confirm the details before we start writing.
If this is a blog post, it will be an informative blog post and not a post about a product or service. We usually recommend that references to your products or services be subtle and not a "sales pitch" within blog posts.
Blog posts SHOULD have external links to sources and third-party websites. This helps them rank better on Google. Tell us who to NOT link to.
If there's any information or positions you would like us to avoid in your blog post, let us know. We aren't good at reading minds. 😉
You're the expert on your business, industry, competitors, and products. While we do research to help inform our writing if there is anything else you think we need to know to write your copy, let us know. We want to be sure we capture anything that is important to you or your readers.
12. Who should we send the copy to for approval/feedback?(Required)
13. What is the email address of the person assigned to approve or provide feedback for the copy(Required)