Branding That Tells Your Unique Story

Your brand is an entire language that tells the world what you do and why you are valuable. White Peak Branding specializes in holistically leading organizations to discover their core value and why people should choose to do business with them.

Branding And Messaging

Inbound Marketing Strategy Meets Killer Content

Branding & Messaging Services

From brand elements that display your identity to developing your authentic story for your target audience, we’re here to bring out the greatness that exists within your business.

5 Reasons to Hire White Peak
For Your Branding & Messaging

We’ll craft an entire brand around your business’ DNA
Sharing your authentic story with your target audience
Branding with your marketing plan in mind
Transparent project plans with well defined milestones
Your core value proposition, clearly revealed

Brand Discovery Consultations

This service is designed for the organization that simply needs an outsider’s perspective to guide a brand discovery session with org leadership and to deliver feedback on suggested next steps to move the brand forward.

Branding And Messaging
Branding And Messaging

Brand & Message Blueprints

Blueprints are a messaging roadmap for organizations. Call it your “marketing messaging bible”. Blueprints are put together after a discovery consultation, stakeholder research, and market research.

Brand and Marketing Audits

“Does our message make sense on our website? Do our brochures, our social media, and our customer service team say what we want our audience to hear?” Not sure, but we can take a look and deliver you some feedback to find out.

Branding And Messaging
Branding And Messaging

Brand Design

Beautifully and well-thought-out brand assets that will align with who you are and why your clients should choose you.

  • Logo
  • Brand guide (fonts, color, patterns, textures, your design bible)
  • Video and photography
  • Any marketing collateral

Messaging Maintenance

Monthly assistance in marketing messaging. Maintenance of brand consistency, review, and/or creation of consumer-facing collateral to make sure that all marketing assets are preaching the same message across all channels, at all times.

Branding And Messaging
Branding And Messaging

Brand and Marketing Strategy

You know why your target audience should choose you, and you know how to communicate that message well. But, now what? We can help you build a strategy around the most efficient way to get your message out to your audience in a manner that works for you.


Branding & Messaging

Branding And Messaging


We take the time and effort to deliver a brand that truly captures who you are, that can live on for years to come.

Branding And Messaging

We Get It

We have touched a lot of brands and have seen many challenges and just as many wins. We understand how important it is to get this right.

Branding And Messaging


Your messaging is all about customer experience so we wear your target consumers’ glasses in every step we take.

Branding And Messaging

The Right Tool Belt

We have niche entrepreneurial experts on our team that can service any needs that your brand may have.

Branding And Messaging

360 Degree Perspective

From marketing to sales to customer support – we look at your business holistically to ensure we get your brand right.

Customer Reviews

Was able to give White Peak a vision of what I wanted and what I saw in my

Branding And Messaging

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Branding And Messaging

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We found White Peak originally to help with our SEO. We stepped up our SEO and then had White Peak take over our website hosting, maintenance, and…

Branding And Messaging

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