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Video Marketing 2019: How To Dominate Your Competitors

You already know your business needs a video marketing strategy. So what’s new, right?

What’s changed is how vital video marketing has become. Now you can literally dominate your competition if you get the jump on them.

Video reigns supreme on social media, it improves website conversion rates, helps your pages rank better on search engines and leads to better page engagement on your website.

The web is now accessed more from mobile phones than desktops. Let’s face it; it’s easier to watch a video on the phone rather than reading a web page. Not to mention, we’re all a little bit lazy when it comes to content consumption.

“A video is very accessible, easy to consume and engages the audience’s attention for longer periods of time. A video contains much more information than text and images.”

Video is just better.

Ok, that’s an opinion, but it’s one that’s shared by most web users. How many videos are people consuming? A ton! Experts estimate it would take one person over 5 million years to watch all the videos that will cross global IP networks each month by 2021.

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The bottom line is that video is the content format of choice for most of your customers, and you need to make it a top priority.

Here are a few things you need to know to get your video marketing plan kicked into high gear for 2019.

Improve Your Google Rankings With Video Marketing Content.

Video content increases the time spent on your site because your page visitors are more likely to stay on a page to watch a video. Video has a 41% higher click rate compared to text, and once the visitor is viewing, they tend to stick around.

This increase in “dwell time” signals to Google that they’ve sent the user to quality, relevant page because the user has engaged and didn’t quickly bounce from the page.

After all, Google is laser-focused right now on user experience, and video is a home run on that front.

Video Marketing

Your Sales Funnel Will Thank You

Video is one of the best ways to quickly move prospects into and through your sales funnel.

Video boosts conversions and sales — why? Because it helps users make a purchasing decision.

Consider when you’re buying a new jacket. You go to the website, and there is a video explaining everything about how it was made. You learn this jacket was constructed with sustainable materials, weighs less than a feather, and its Cheetah print (your favorite). You’re sold! Thoroughly convinced this is the best jacket ever, all because of the story the video tells.

According to Unbounce, videos increase conversion rates by 20 percent and significantly decrease bounce rates. Tell customers what you want them to know, and let your video take on the role of the salesman.

We’ve done extensive A/B testing to see if the videos we add to our own site help to convert site visitors, and you can do the same.

Using a tool like CrazyEgg or Hotjar, you can set up a test where a page shows with and without a video on a 50/50 split. Those tools will help you determine which “variant” is the winner.

Facts Tell and Stories Sell.

A video is a great way to communicate your brand personality. Before you skip what you may consider the “fluffy” section –yes, you can build your brand in a big way using video.

Let’s consider Dollar Shave Club. The company invested $4,500 in making a video, and it wasn’t long before they sold for a billion dollars. The business did more than create a viral video, but arguably, it was the video that set them up for success.

Video can alleviate fear and uncertainty because it lets you tell a story. It’s like the online version of having a conversation with someone after they walk into your store. I’ve always found that facts tell and stories sell. Video is your best option for an online storyteller.

Turn Blog Posts Into Videos for Social Sites.

Lumen5 is an excellent tool for converting a blog post into a short video recap. These videos can be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and you won’t break the bank.

“Enter a blog post or RSS feed and the Lumen5 artificial intelligence system will help you summarize the content and match each scene with relevant videos, photos, and music.”

Social users like these video blog summaries because they’re digestible and quick. Video gets 20% more clicks on social than a traditional blog post with an image on social sites so its certainly worth trying for yourself.

Look, I know you have your plate full. Yet, I’ve spent the last several minutes justifying why you need to add another activity to your marketing communications plan.

You may be struggling just to keep up with your blog content. Adding video to the mix may seem too daunting to consider.

If you don’t think you’re able to work video into your plan, let us know. We’re experts at content creation, and we may be able to help.

Let us know what video marketing tricks and tactics are working for you. We’d love to try out a few new ideas ourselves.

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