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What to Look For When Hiring a Divi Website Developer

Key Takeaways

Critical considerations when hiring a Divi developer:

  • Experience Matters: Look for developers with extensive Divi and WordPress experience and diverse portfolios.
  • Portfolio Review: Check for creative, mobile-optimized projects and positive client feedback.
  • Cost Considerations: Understand typical project costs and balance your budget with quality needs.
  • Communication and Timelines: Ensure clear communication and realistic timelines for smooth project flow.

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When stepping out into the world your website usually acts as your first introduction to potential clients and followers. The developer you pick plays a big job in your site’s success and easy operation.

When looking for a Divi developer – finding the right one can be a bit difficult. You need a developer who matches your vision well and fits your budget. Sorting through all the all sorts of people and companies is a tough process. I’m here now to guide you through the important factors to think about and to help you make this important decision with less stress.

We’ll examine how to find the perfect match for your website’s goals and ensure that everything—from the first concept to the launch and even beyond—goes smoothly!

Find an Experienced Divi Developer

When looking for a Divi website developer, I always check their experience with Divi and WordPress first. Their skill with these platforms really affects the quality and functionality of your site. Developers with different portfolios are always on my radar because they show their ability to handle different types of projects.

It is a good idea to check the positive feedback received by the developers and look at the case studies in their portfolio. Experienced developers have usually solved a number of challenges, which suggests they can manage unexpected issues during your project. Understanding the Divi theme is important, but the perfect candidate must also understand WordPress well, especially features like custom post types and plugins.

Remember—skills in front-end development are important for ensuring that the site is appealing and functions well on all devices.

It’s equally important to find a developer with excellent communication and project management skills. You need someone who can explain your thoughts clearly and keep you updated, which will ensure a smooth project flow. I’ve usually found skilled candidates on platforms like Upwork, where you can sort by specific skills and experiences. Reading through complete reviews and ratings there gives you a clear idea of a developer’s abilities. But platforms like this are also hit and miss.

Find an Experienced Developer

So when you’re trying to hire a skilled Divi website developer, focus on their previous work – choose their technical and creative skills – and make sure they have strong communication skills and smart project management. This method has consistently proven useful for me!

Review Their Portfolio

When I meet a new developer, I usually discuss their portfolio first. It’s a good conversation starter and quickly shows if they have the skills that meet my needs. A portfolio filled with creative projects points to skill and also an ability to adapt to different challenges.

I also pay attention to their experience with Divi-specific projects. This is important because it shows their familiarity with Divi’s unique features, like the custom layouts and the Visual Builder. Viewing their previous work lets me imagine what they could create for my site.

Understanding their experience with the Divi theme is important—Divi’s advanced features, like the drag-and-drop options, demand a high level of skill to use fully.

Mobile responsiveness is really important today. A developer’s portfolio that includes sites optimized for mobile devices is an important benefit—it demonstrates their commitment to ensuring an easy user experience across all devices, which is really important for reaching a broader audience.

Review Portfolio

I also look for uniqueness and personalization in their projects. Divi developers have all the needed tools to create something extraordinary, But it needs a creative mind to push the limits. I seek developers who avoid common solutions and give fresh, creative ideas.

Reviewing client feedback and testimonials is helpful. This information can tell me much about a developer’s professionalism and strategy for handling communication and deadlines. If they consistently receive positive reviews that praise their reliability and clarity in communication, I see that as a green signal.

The difficulty of the projects they’ve managed is also an important factor. Developers who have successfully tackled difficult websites, especially those for e-commerce or requiring advanced features, usually prove they can handle nearly any challenge. Discussing these projects is a good way to assess their strategic thinking and problem-solving ability.

Last but not least, I value transparency and useful communication very much. A developer who can clearly talk about the advantages of Divi – and maintains open communication lines – makes a huge difference. This openness helps in understanding their strategy for project management and also has plans for their strategy and technical skill.

Think About the Cost

Hey! So, it’s super important to balance your budget while still making sure you get the quality you desire. Drawing on my own experiences – I’ve found that understanding typical costs can really help with this process. It reminds me of how I plan vacations: carefully balancing lavish spending with keeping my bank account in check.

Before you think about hiring – it’s a wise decision to sit with potential developers to fully talk about the project’s needs. This strategy usually results in receiving a complete quote that also covers those unexpected extra fees like fixing a hacked site or updating old plugins. And a heads up: if the price seems too good to be true, it usually is. This could mean the developers are either inexperienced or might cut corners, possibly leading to higher costs later on.

I’ve seen that developer rates are widely ranging from about $100 to as much as $1,500 per hour. After a few misunderstandings with less experienced developers, I and many others sometimes think it’s worth paying more for a developer who really knows their make. For Divi projects, budget-wise, you’re looking at spending between $5,000 and $12,000, which is pretty reasonable, especially in comparison to some of the pricier custom sites.

Think About Cost

The scale of the project is important. Divi is perfect for content-rich sites of up to about 50 pages but might not be the best choice for very transactional sites or those that need many difficult features. Establishing clear expectations from the start can prevent many headaches later.

Personally, I usually set aside $3,000 to $6,000 for these types of projects. I keep some flexibility in my budget, especially for projects that really stand out or are extremely important.

Also, remember the cost of the Divi Builder itself – it’s $89 a year or $249 for a lifetime membership. This is a fairly good deal and makes future site updates easier. Knowing this cost from the start helps me plan more and work more closely with developers.

Communication and TImeline

Careful planning, understanding costs, and picking the right team members. This strategy makes a big difference and creates some great partnerships. Hope this gives you a bit of insight and makes your next project easier to manage!

Communication and Timeline

When looking for a great Divi developer, I focus on two main things: their communication skills and their easy strategy for project timing. Let’s start talking about communication, which can really affect the game. A skilled developer should explain difficult matters in easy terms. It’s a huge relief not to be overwhelmed by difficult language.

Early responses to my emails or calls usually give me a hint about their communication style for the entire project. It’s important that they understand my needs clearly and reflect this understanding in how they talk about their ideas and plans.

Reviews and Technical Skills

Now, let’s talk about timelines, which are equally important. An experienced Divi developer should be aware of how long tasks will take, considering all the potential twists and turns a project might encounter. I normally ask them about their strategy for setting milestones and staying on schedule. This gives me insight into their ability to manage projects and their experience with similar tasks.

Also, they should have a strategy for unexpected issues, like a little extra time in their schedule, just in case. Being clear about any changes to the timeline is important to keep everything in line with the project’s goals. Have you ever seen those projects where the timelines seemed a bit off? It’s always better when everyone is clear from the start.

Reviews References and Technical Skills

When I need to find a Divi website developer, I first look into their job experience. Checking what others have said about their problem-solving skills, speed, and communication style is always revealing. Seeing the solutions they have come up with for unique challenges or specific projects will indicate their creative and problem-solving abilities.

After reading their reviews, I try to talk with some of their previous clients if possible. I usually ask, “How did the developer respond to surprises?” or “Can you give an example of the developer going above and beyond?” These conversations provide insight into the developer’s strategies and dependability.


I then focus on their technical abilities – ensuring they have expertise in Divi WordPress and HTML / CSS / JavaScript / PHP is important. You might be wondering why these skills are important. Sometimes projects need extra custom work like changing CSS for a sharper look or integrating complicated JavaScript for interactive features.

It’s important to find a developer who is comfortable with manual coding and extra coding on your Divi site. This will improve its appearance and functionality. Improving your site’s performance is also important to prevent it from being slow and driving visitors away.

I always make a point to ask for examples of their coding work. Especially projects that have improved the site’s efficiency or included unique custom features. Getting someone good at these tasks is seriously rewarding!

Support and Maintenance Options

Maintaining your site and keeping it in top condition after it goes live is as important as changing the oil in a car you’ve just bought. My experience has taught me the importance of having strong support from your developer once your site is up and running. Such support will ensure smoother operations and even help your site’s growth.

Let’s look at the types of support and maintenance your site might need, starting with regular updates. It’s smart to include updates from WordPress and Divi, which usually add new features, bug fixes, and security improvements.

It’s important to secure your website as well. Given that WordPress sites are common targets for hackers – strong security measures like regular scan backups and updates for plugins and themes are important. A strong security strategy protects your data and stops major site disruptions.

Also, consider improving the user experience. A well-maintained site avoids annoying problems like broken links, page errors, and slow loading times, which can damage your search engine rankings.

Support and Maintenance

Also, think about always improving your site with tools like version control and staging environments. These are useful for putting in updates and changes.

Don’t ignore the importance of SEO. Neglecting maintenance can damage your efforts to stay visible in search engine results.

I can’t say enough how useful and reliable regular support is. It gives quick access to expert help, which usually saves more time and money than dealing with problems after they worsen.

When setting help with your maintenance contract, it’s important to clearly define what’s included, like how often services will be provided and what response times to expect. Taking care of these details upfront can prevent future headaches and keep your site working as a valuable business tool.

Need a New WordPress Site? Look No Further

It’s common to feel like you’re in a maze while picking the right web developer. When looking for someone to work with, I always share my brand’s core values first. This initial conversation helps me see how they respond and assess whether they can show these values in the project—much like getting their view on a story I’ve told.

It’s also important to examine a developer’s previous projects to check their consistency with a brand’s identity and their ability to adapt to different business settings. As I review a developer’s portfolio, I look for projects that clearly reflect a brand’s unique character. I consider whether the style fits the site and whether the developer has managed to balance creativity and practicality.


As you finish your search, consider picking a developer with marketing skills to make your brand stand out.

Why not start this process to succeed together? Reach out for a free consultation about your Divi website redesign. Partnering with White Peak could really help with your presence in the market and give a big lift. This is an excellent chance to grow and build your site correctly – the first time.

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