How Great PPC Optimization Can Bring in Revenue for Your Business

Ppc Optimization

What if you could attract thousands of potential clients within hours? Imagine the traffic flowing and the sales going up….

With PPC optimization, it’s possible to get massive traffic in a short time from Google search. Compared to SEO, the results are immediate.
The top three ads displayed on Google search engine results page (SERP) get 41 percent of all clicks. Every visitor is a potential client. If your ad gets there, your sales will literally go up overnight.
Your competitors are already doing it. What are you waiting for?
Let’s see how to improve your pay-per-click campaign and why it’s so great for your business!

What Is PPC Optimization?

Launching a pay-per-click campaign is not enough to get traffic and sales. Your campaigns need to be optimized for all search engines.

Bing Ads and Google Adwords optimization should cover all aspects of a paid ad campaign, such as:

  • Keywords and key phrases
  • Ad groups
  • Landing pages
  • Ad format and design

This practice consists of testing, managing, and improving your paid ads. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up spending thousands without seeing a return. 

Google AdWords and other ad platforms make it fairly easy to set up and run a PPC ads. However, you still need to optimize your ads so you get the value for your money. Running a campaign that makes use of all the PPC tools is a another thing all together.
When optimizing, consider your type of business and marketing goals. Make sure you know exactly what you expect from PPC. 

For instance, let’s say you’ve just opened a new pub. At this point, your goal is to gain exposure, increase brand awareness and foot traffic. That’s very different from another business which may be looking for B2B leads or ecommerce sales.

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You can also set up Facebook ads to gain “likes” for your page. If you run a consulting agency, use LinkedIn ads to target business professionals.

What Are the Benefits?

But is pay-per-click optimization really worth the trouble? Will it really improve your click through rate (CTR)?
The simple answer…. Yes!
A well-planned campaign can skyrocket your sales and conversation rates. Moreover, it allows you to market your business to a laser-targeted audience. The key benefits of pay-per-click ads and tweaking your campaigns are:

Boost Your Revenue

If your ads are well-optimized, your sales will go through the roof.

An effective online advertising campaign can bring you qualified leads. With proper optimization, a large number those leads will convert into buyers – especially if you’re working with a PPC consultant.

Search ads can boost brand awareness by a whopping 80 percent.

Once your campaign is up and running, customers will see your ads in search queries. The more often your ad shows up, the more likely they are to remember your brand.

If you’re using Google AdWords you can sign up for Google’s Display Network to reach specific clients. This service enables users to target certain keywords or topics, and choose where their ads will appear across the web.

For instance, you can place your ads on mobile sites only. You can also block your ads from showing on websites that are not relevant.

Drive Traffic

Along with SEO, pay-per-click advertising is one of the best ways to boost website traffic. Better yet, you’ll get faster results in less time.

SEO takes weeks or even months to yield results. PPC, on the other hand, drives traffic instantly.

Additionally, the results are predictable. How much traffic you’ll get depends on the amount spent. If you want 25,000 visitors, you can get exactly 25,000 clicks.

Save Time

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that pays ongoing benefits. It requires a time investment and you cannot afford to ignore SEO. But with SEO, you need to constantly improve your campaign, write content, secure backlinks and engage with your prospects.

With pay-per-click, the process is much faster. Your only job is to set up and optimize the campaign.

On top of that, you can always hire a PPC expert to set up and run your ads. This will free up your time so you can focus on the core aspects of your business.

Diversify Your Traffic Sources

Google isn’t your only source of traffic. Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn can drive massive traffic to your site.

A well-optimized PPC campaign will often cover more than Google AdWords. Actually, there are dozens of platforms where you can place ads. This helps diversify your traffic sources and expand your reach.

LinkedIn, for instance, works best for driving B2B sales. Bing ads are cheaper than Google AdWords and often convert just as well. Facebook is great for B2C sales and leads.

Measurable Results

With pay-per-click advertising, it’s easy to track your campaign. Ad networks feature analytics tools that show the exact number of clicks, impressions, and conversion rates.

 You can check the results of your campaign anytime, day or night. The stats are readily available. All you need to do is to log into your dashboard with each advertising platform. White Peak partners can see their SEO and PPC results in a consolidated dashboard.
Ppc Dashboard

Cost Savings

Optimizing your Adwords campaign can save you time and money. By optimizing your ads and landing pages, you’ll get the lowest cost per click. For example, you can do A/B testing to see which ad copy converts best. Well-written ads and optimized landing page content will increase your Quality Score, leading to lower costs.

For further savings, adjust your geolocation settings. For instance, if you’re running a local business, it doesn’t make sense to advertise it globally.

Target local customers to keep the costs low. If you cover multiple locations, see which ones are driving the most traffic. Remove those that don’t perform well. Also, remember to use relevant keywords in your ads. In general, long-tail keywords result in lower ad costs (and usually convert better).

Grow Your Business with PPC

Making the most of your campaign can take your business to the next level. The results are fast and easy to measure, and you have full control over the costs. On top of that, your sales will go through the roof!

If you need help setting up your pay-per-click campaign, contact us about ppc management today!

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