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15 Great Examples of Professional Services Website Designs

Professional Services is a vast category covering a wide range of industries. The category’s core is presenting one center service – legal services, architectural design, business consultation, the industrial sector, or something else – as a highly valued, well-developed offering.

Web design has to reflect what it offers. Any business offering professional services means a professional web design that conveys meaning profoundly and intensely. Of course, it’s easy to say something like that and much harder to design. That’s why we highly encourage anyone in professional services to look at competitor sites and examine what makes them suitable.

That’s what we’re doing here today. Below is a list of 15 highly optimized, well-designed professional services websites, along with some of our analysis pointing out why they’re well-made and practical.

1: Classy

First up is the Classy website. Classy is a professional service provider helping nonprofits optimize their fundraising potential. Their website adheres to a coherent color scheme, including colors reflected in their chosen images. Their design is compelling and clever, with a series of minor animations to draw the eye and catch attention – showcasing their clients’ ability to capture attention, which is what their clients need.

Classy Website

Their site is also well-designed to scale down with screen size in a responsive design, losing some of the animations but keeping the vibrancy and usability of the site itself.
We like their attractive and clear call to action to “Request a Demo,” and their top navigation bar sticks to the screen while the user scrolls. This design choice improves the chances that a visitor will click that section, ultimately converting more visitors into leads.

Overall, it’s a compelling pitch for its services and a pitch for its ability to compel your audience.

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2: Bick Law

Bick Law is an interesting case. Their website is undoubtedly very fancy, and the bold photography and photo manipulations they use to convey their focus (environmental law) are very clever. The wall of awards as you scroll down is also impressive.

Bick Law Website

On the other hand, their above-the-fold experience has accessibility issues. For example, the text on the images isn’t there and can’t be read by screen readers, and the vibrant colors hurt the contrast.

That said, every other page on their site is bold and highly usable; their initial first impression takes a minor hit. The site design as a whole does an excellent job of presenting what they offer and in what focus, making it immediately apparent who they’re for.

3: Clickable

Clickable is another interesting case. Similar to Bick Law, their site technically may have some accessibility issues. However, everything it does is focused on attracting the specific audience they work for, and the entire aesthetic is focused on that. The black-and-red, in particular, is a “gamer” design style, which resonates with people who see it throughout their hobbies and career. Indeed, the agency builds websites for games and gamification processes and even does game development.

Clickable Website

It’s an example of how a website design can technically be off-putting or alienating to some people, but that’s fine because those people are unlikely to be their clients in the first place. A law firm might not find its design compelling, but that’s fine; they’re looking to work with game studios, developers, and businesses that want to gamify their conferences or programs.

4: Prophet

This site serves as a stellar contrast to Clickable above. Where Clickable’s black and red design lacks contrast, Prophet uses a black background with text designed to stand out. Throughout their pages, they also include splashes of color (again with text that maintains appropriate contrast) and leverage that color for things like social proof and calls to action.

Prophet Website

If anything, the site needs more text-based content; there’s not much to go on with any given subpage, which can hamper SEO performance. That said, it’s not necessarily a problem because they’re encouraging you to sign up or reach out at every turn, and if you’re interested in their services, you’re just as likely to give them a call as you are to try to read their blog.

5: Oxford Properties

Oxford Properties is a high-end commercial real estate investment firm, asset manager, and business builder. They own portfolios of properties, but rather than simply leasing them out to interested parties; they assist those parties with building out entire facilities and businesses on location.

Oxford Properties Example

Clever details throughout this design reflect the quality and prestige of the professional services on display. Their use of color, in particular, is fascinating. It’s kept on the pale or pastel side of the spectrum, but colors are chosen to reflect values; green for sustainability and future-looking design, gray/brown for an elegant and timeless impression, and more throughout their photography.

Their top navigation bar is also well done. It technically breaks best practices by including quite a few options under each drop-down, but they’re clearly labeled and highly focused, making navigation a breeze.

6: Crown Sign Systems

Crown Signs is a design agency, and that is reflected immediately in their web design. They have a lot of compelling photography, and even their top navigation bar design stands out as something unique, unlike most template-based websites available today. Their subpages are all well laid out, emphasizing the visual aspects of what they convey, which is helpful for a design agency.

Crown Sign Systems Site

They also make sure to go into detail with essential points in their services, like attention to code compliance, their manufacturing process, and more. It’s all very distinctive and stands out from the average website using a WordPress theme picked up from a free directory.

7: Armor

Armor is a digital security service provider, an increasingly important aspect of modern internet business and site design. Without security, your site isn’t trustworthy, and neither is your business. Of course, most forms of digital security are invisible to the average user.

Armor Site

Armor provides a variety of proactive and reactive digital security services. Their site design is clean and standard, but there are nice touches throughout. For example, the iconography used in their services represents those services and is symbolically tied and color-coded throughout their site. These little touches also help convey that the business is detail-oriented, further reinforcing its ability as a security firm.

8: Action Mary

Action Mary is a digital communications and PR firm. They start with strong visual iconography and follow up with a compelling pitch; in a rancorous and crowded public forum that is the modern internet, a business or individual needs to be positioned as an implacable pillar to stand out, lest it is eroded and lost in the tumult.

Action Mary

This site is another example, like Bick Law, of how the site’s content and iconography play into the core focus. The text, in particular, conveys exactly the up-front and stolid means of communicating they’ll bring to the table for their clients.

The site isn’t perfect – some animated background elements ruin the contrast and make some text harder to read – but the visual effects are stunning nonetheless. Their photography is bold and compelling as well.

9: Davenport

This website is an example of an interesting site that eschews usability in favor of style. Given that they’re a fashion brand promoting a single piece of clothing, they can get away with that in a way that a more generalized services provider cannot.


This site has one thing above all else, and that’s panache. Everything from the slick images to the animations to the color choices all reflects the sort of elegant complexity and high fashion they’re trying to convey. Throughout the site, there are also numerous small usability hints, like the encouragement to scroll at the top of the page and subtle animations to indicate interactable elements of the page.

10: Movie Mogul

Movie Mogul is a video production company making everything from app trailers to music videos with high production values and keen attention to conveying the branding and presentation of their clients. The bulk of their homepage, in fact, is taken up with interactive stills from various videos, showcasing the breadth of styles they’re capable of using throughout their productions.

Movie Mogul

Interestingly, their subpages are reflected on their main page, but it’s more complex to jump navigation; they have their own distinct pages should they choose to vary their content. It’s an interesting way to make the site feel more cohesive without disrupting the flow of navigation.

11: Scorpion

Scorpion is a digital marketing agency focusing on the combination of technology and expertise. Their homepage is focused on showcasing the technology aspect by highlighting their dashboards and analytics, their data-driving decision process, and more. They’re packed with social proof and calls to action to join one of the 14,000 companies already working with them.

Scorpion Website

Their site layout is also well-done, starting at the top with a single-sentence pitch for what they do and drilling down successively the deeper you go. They go from broad strokes to key points to outlining individual services, letting you dig deeper as you scroll down. The site is also designed so that there’s always an element guiding you further down while also presenting you with calls to action to click past if you’re convinced at any point.

12: Lexar Homes

Lexar Homes is a sustainable, green-focused home-building company based in the Pacific Northwest. They start with a showcase of their designs, so anyone interested in their services can see right away what sort of styling and design they would get. As you scroll, a pop-up allows you to specify your state for design (and self-select out if you aren’t in a state they cover), and further scrolling shows you a variety of floor plans and styles to choose from.

Lexar Homes

Overall, there’s nothing exceptionally special about this site. It’s solidly good in every respect, with nothing breaking the design or the usability. It has a solid logical flow, it’s well-designed and responsive, and it’s good enough at showcasing what they do. It’s a great example of how you don’t need to go as all-in on style as Davenport to have a solidly good site.

13: The Knot

The Knot is a wedding planning site and tool; every inch of its site design puts weddings at the forefront. The core layout of the site is fairly typical, and it’s not heavily content-laden, but it’s effective at showcasing what newly engaged couples are looking for when they’re starting their wedding planning. Given that wedding planning can be one of the most stressful times for a couple, it’s good for a tool to help smooth it all out.

The Knot

Creating individual sections of their site for each type of wedding service is also helping them perform very well on search engines. Remember, if you don’t make a page on your website for what you’re trying to rank for, it’s hard to expect Google to surface your website for those terms!

14: Suasive

Suasive – as in persuasive – is a company of consultants for presentation training and other forms of communication. It’s specifically aimed at high-level employees, like C-levels, directors, and other business leaders.


The site dives right into showcasing what they offer and leverages many of its techniques to help persuade you to investigate further.

15: Your Company Here

Rounding out the list is you! What does your website look like, and are you thinking of redesigning your professional service website?

We’re an award-winning digital marketing agency, and our web design services are top-of-the-line. Our web design is compelling, of course, but we’re here to talk about something else. Instead, let’s talk about what we can do for you.

Do you want your professional services agency to be on lists like this one? If so, we can help you get there.

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