6 Ways You Hurt Your Own Google Ad Campaign

How confident are you in your Google Ad campaign? While it is true that pay per click can be an integral, useful part of your business's marketing, if it's not done right it might as well not be done at all. Small businesses tend to waste at least a quarter [...]

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7 Reasons Your Company Should Hire a PPC Consultant (Superhero)

A top notch PPC consultant can help you create a pay-per-click ad campaign that will reach new and valuable customers right away. After all, nearly 65% of online users click on Google ads when they’re looking to buy an item online. Being able to write effective eye-catching copy with the [...]

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How Great PPC Optimization Can Bring in Revenue for Your Business

What if you could attract thousands of potential clients within hours? Imagine the traffic flowing and the sales going up.... With PPC optimization, it's possible to get massive traffic in a short time from Google search. Compared to SEO, the results are immediate.   The top three ads displayed on [...]

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5 Key Benefits of PPC You Need to Know About

Regardless of how much you optimize your site for search, you can still reap the benefits of PPC advertising. PPC (pay per click) advertising will help you get in front of your customers to get more sales. And, PPC ads drive immediate results. These advertisements appear at the top of [...]

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