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6 Proven Lead Conversion Strategies

What is your lead conversion rate? Believe it or not, many businesses can’t answer that question even though it is arguably the most important data set for any digital marketing campaign. There is no point in collecting email addresses or social media followers if you are not going to nurture [...]

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9 Tips to Improve WordPress Website Performance

If your website takes too long to load, a high percentage of site visitors are probably clicking the back arrow before the page finishes loading so they can look for alternative sites in the Google search results. Who wants to wait around for a slow website? We’re all in a [...]

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White Peak Launches Free Website Audit Tool To Help Small Businesses

Leading digital marketing agency’s audit tool provides a clear, actionable, prioritized list of recommendations to help improve SEO and digital marketing. RENO, Nev. (October 2, 2018) – White Peak Growth Partners, Reno’s leading full-service digital marketing agency, announces that they have launched a free website audit tool on their website. [...]

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6 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Is Not Optional Unless you’re just waking up from a 12-year coma, you probably know that the social media’s role in the average person’s day rivals those of the sun and moon. Social media marketing is not optional for your business. For most people, social media is [...]

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Drip Marketing: 6 Messages That Can Help You Convert Leads

Next, you’ve got to use that list to convert your leads into sales. Many companies assume that their customers don’t want emails from them. You may expect people are frustrated with their overflowing inboxes, and any emails from your business will result in an immediate unsubscribe. This isn’t entirely off-base. [...]

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5 Reasons Your Social Media Campaign Stinks (And How To Fix It)

Just about everyone is aware of the vice-like grip social media has on the digital world. Everyone is connected, even your 96-year-old aunt who once asked you which end of the floppy disk to insert into her computer if she wanted to hook up that internet she’s heard so much [...]

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How Do Positive Reviews Affect Your Local SEO?

What is Local SEO? If you own a business, you’ve probably heard of search engine optimization or SEO. Its meaning is exactly as it sounds. SEO is the practice of optimizing your website to perform well with search engines. Digital marketers use certain techniques, like backlinking and on-page content changes [...]

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