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7 Reasons Your Company Should Hire a PPC Consultant (Superhero)

A top notch PPC consultant can help you create a pay-per-click ad campaign that will reach new and valuable customers right away. After all, nearly 65% of online users click on Google ads when they’re looking to buy an item online.

Being able to write effective eye-catching copy with the best keywords is a serious skill. Incorporating illustrative display URLs into that is even better.

Pay-per-click ad campaigns are a tightrope walk between creativity and technical analysis. A PPC consultant has mastered that tightrope after learning trade craft. I want to dig into why millions of companies invest in a paid PPC consultants rather than managing PPC in-house.

1. PPC Advertising Is a Specialized Trade

PPC advertising would be very complicated to someone without the appropriate training. Let’s take Google AdWords for example.

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Typically, Google designs products that are very user-friendly. The AdWord platform, however, is pretty complex. Do you have the desire (and time) to learn about and master keyword match types, bid adjustments, location extensions, or site links? Every one of these Adword tools are relevant to a particular business goal. Understanding which tool to pluck out of the toolbox is only part of the required knowledge.

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When anchoring text, did you know you’re not supposed to send visitors to the homepage of your business site? Have you split-tested your ad text? These are just a couple common practices a PPC consultant will understand.

2. PPC Advertising Is a Specialized Trade

Now, don’t expect your PPC consultant to bring you millions of visitors overnight. But the power of a well-written ad is very real.

Attracting the eye of a web browser is the name of the game. Crafty headlines and word choices matched with the right keywords make a difference. Even the content of the landing page will impact whether your ad seen or not. What do you know about Adwords Quality Scores?

While your ad campaign should function side by side with your SEO strategies, SEO is a slower craft. An Adwords campaign can provide a faster cash flow.

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3. PPC Consultants Have the Right Tools

We’ve already touched on some of the tools in a PPC consultant’s toolbox. Some of the most important tools in used by a professional PPC consultant pertain to tracking and keyword analysis.

These tools are expensive and can be very complicated to learn. A well-trained PPC consultant will know how to use them to maximize your results.

You’ll find a couple free tools i.e. AdWords Keyword Planner. However, by comparison, the paid tools offer more features and, in the end, a PPC Consultant using these tools will outperform in leaps and bounds.

Higher functioning analysis tools are likely to improve your PPC and SEO campaigns. Two-in-one tools create clear reports that are easier to read.

4. A PPC Consultant Will Monitor Your Campaign

Do you have time to decipher which pages people are viewing and which ads prospects are gravitating toward?

Or would you prefer to receive a summary report at the end of the day?

Monitoring a PPC campaign is very time-consuming. It’s not just about observing trends. It’s also about making the necessary updates to each noticeable trend. One step future, the goal is to influence the trends in your direction.

Your PPC consultant will be able to devote quality time to your ad campaign. They’ll also make sure your results are always optimized.

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5. Keyword Selection Is a Tricky Business

It’s tough to pinpoint the keywords your target demographic will type into their search engines. Your market research has already told you a lot about your customer base. But, there’s more to it than that.

  • Have you spent time thinking about the nitty-gritty?
  • Should you use acronyms in your ad?
  • Is that what online users will be typing into their search boxes? Or will they be spelling out the industry term?
  • Should your keyword be in the singular or plural form? Are there other terms customers are using that you should consider?

You know all those tools we keep talking about? Well, you guessed it. There are tools used by professional PPC consultants for this, too!

Based on research (and testing), there are proven ways of knowing which keywords will get you the most bang for your buck.

6. A PPC Consultant Is a Talented Ad Writer

Do you love to harken back to the days of Mad Men? Although times have changed, being able to write advertising copy is still a unique craft. If anything, today’s version of the craft is more challenging than ever. Catchy phrases and terms are restricted by tight character limits. An expert will be able to craft persuasive ads that fit the mold and encourage your intended audience to click.

A paid PPC consultant will be worth every last dollar when you see these two things happen. First, they’ll create a persuasive ad that follows all the rules and regulations of the industry. At the same time, they’ll also maintain the wit and intrigue of a well-devised ad.

When your PPC consultant is creating an ad, they’re thinking in terms of emotional triggers and keyword-rich display URLs.

7. This Is Their Niche

A PPC aficionado has invested in themselves. Although Google often likes to change up their methodology, being Google accredited is worth its weight in gold.

To become Google accredited, a PPC consultant has passed a Fundamentals Exam and an Advanced AdWords exam. This says a lot because Google is far more complex than the average user realizes. A Google stamp of approval is a clear sign of true craftsmanship.

You can rest assured your White Peak Digital Media Engineer is an AdWords certified professional with a proven track record. There’s simply no other way to be a rock star in this business.


Millions of business advertisers use paid searches to reach potential customers because it has a proven track record. White Peak’s PPC team has extensive experience with local, national, and ecommerce pay-per-click campaigns.

Every campaign is unique. Our search professionals will execute a custom plan to achieve your campaign goals.

Let’s schedule a call to see if you should hire a PPC consultant or a local SEO expert. We’ll be happy to provide you with more information and help you decide which approach is better for your business. Together, we can execute an effective growth plan designed with your business in mind.


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