5 Strong SEO Solutions to Bring Your Website More Traffic

5 Strong SEO Solutions to Bring Your Website More Traffic

Building a solid online presence is not as intimidating as it seems. It requires work and some know-how, but today’s top SEO solutions can make all the difference in the world.

No matter your industry, there are digital marketing tools available to help you boost your organic search rankings.

Increasing traffic is always a priority. Of course, SEO success doesn’t happen overnight, but here are five top SEO solutions you’ll want to consider.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google’s PageSpeed grades your user experience for both mobile and desktop performances.

Their scale from 0 to 100 breaks scoring down into three categories. Depending on your score, PageSpeed tells you if your site is “good,” if it “needs work,” or if performance is “poor.”

Google Page Speed Insights
Source: Google

The secret to success with this SEO solution is speed.

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The average time a user will wait for their page to load is around 3 seconds. If your website takes any more than this, you will likely end up in Google’s “poor” category. Also, check your bounce rates in Google Analytics. Some users may be losing patience and going elsewhere for what they want.

Google is testing for two things:

  1. how fast the above-the-fold content loads, and
  2. how quickly the whole web page is ready to view after rendering.

Above-the-fold content is the part of a page that viewers see without having to scroll. In other words, the top portion comes up first when something loads.

2. SEMrush

The best way to compare your SEO performance with other contenders in the market is to invest in an application like SEMrush.

This powerful SEO solution will tell you tons of useful information about:

  • your keywords,
  • competitor sites,
  • keywords you should be targeting,
  • on-page SEO opportunities,
  • backlinks you have and should pursue, and
  • relevant product listing ads are operating in the market.

You can compare your efforts with those of leading competitors and see where the gaps are. Such insight helps define new standards to meet and SEO goals to achieve moving forward.

By shedding light on this sort of information, you are well-positioned to improve your page ranking.

In short, these reports are a bird’s eye view of what tactics your market responds to.

3. Embed Code Generator

Your SEO performance will get a boost when others share your content. Infographics present unique opportunities because people love them.

Let’s face it; a picture is worth a thousand words. Infographics are increasingly popular and may be worth even more than that.

If you’re not creating infographics once a month – let me know. We can help.

Once you have a compelling infographic, you want others to share it on their website and link back to you. SEO solutions like Siege Media’s Embed Code Generator make that easy.

The code generator looks like a simple form, but it has powerful output.

  1. Start by filling in a few fields related to your infographic.
  2. Siege Media will create code to place on your webpage displaying the infographic. This code will display embed code for your site visitors
  3. Your site visitors can copy and paste the embed code from your webpage and paste it into their website. The embed code will display your infographic on their site.
Embed Code Generator
Source: Siege Media

Not only does this top SEO solution generate traffic to your site, but you can also earn backlinks. If you didn’t know already – backlinks are the single most important SEO ranking factor.

4. Broken Link Builder

The most effective SEO solutions help you get backlinks, so let’s talk about broken links. If you’re not working with expert SEO services, this is a way to help you acquire some backlinks on your own.

Citation Labs has developed a tool called Broken Link Builder. The SEO solution makes backlink acquisition much easier.

The internet is full of content linking to other content, quite often on other websites. These links provide relevant examples for the reader and help build authority. If a URL on another site changes or a page is down, a publisher linking to that URL may not be aware that their hyperlink is broken.

Identifying a broken link on a website is an opportunity for you to earn a backlink for yourself.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Use the Broken Link Builder to find non-functioning web pages which relate to your business.
  2. Choose pages you can recreate (with original content) or that relate to the content you have already created.
  3. Reach out to site owners linking to the broken page. Let them know they’re linking to a broken page and offer up your content as an alternative.

Finding broken hyperlinks isn’t a new strategy but doing it at scale makes all the difference in the world. Now you can fill this need with links to your product, services, or opinions.

When you help a publisher resolve a broken link with your content opens up the door to future backlink opportunities. If the publisher needs content in the future, they know your area of expertise and are more likely to link to you.

Additionally, it increases your credibility with industry professionals and consumers.

5. Guest Post Tracker

You can also share industry insights by writing guest posts.

Guest posts are pieces you write to be featured on another company’s blog. When done correctly, they can get you in front of a much larger audience. This builds brand awareness and recognition.

More importantly, guest posts are among the top SEO solutions used to increase your traffic.

Writing a guest post means you control most of the content details. You and your company will choose a focus and build out the topic. This allows you to pick and choose the points you want to make and the links you want to reference.

These links should guide readers back to your landing pages.

When written correctly, this feels like a natural transition from a blog post to a product offering. Try not to write for clickbait. Instead, make your external links feel like yyou’rehaving a conversation.

Connecting to relevant landing pages not only boosts traffic but keeps users engaged. Otherwise, you might risk raising your bounce rates.

Once you get the hang of writing guest posts, try to expand your client list. Guest Post Tracker helps you do just that. 

Guest Post Tracker
Source: Guest Post Tracker

This tool gives you access to over 1,200 high-authority websites in that accept guest content. It can make your pitch process much easier because you have a list of prospects ready to go. Who knows, some of these companies in need might end up as lasting partnerships.

Improve Your SEO Solutions

The internet iisn’tgoing anywhere. The need to master search engine optimization will only increase. Whether you work with an SEO expert or handle it in-house, SEO needs to be at the top of your marketing plan.

Try out some of these SEO solutions or consider hiring an SEO professional. Having a group of dedicated SEO specialists lets you focus on other valuable areas of your business.

Do you have favorite SEO solutions I hhaven’tmentioned? Let me know what they are – II’dlove to try them out for myself.

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