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Which Of These Google My Business Mistakes Are You Making?

Incomplete Business Listing

Most dental businesses have an incomplete listing on Google. What does that mean? Well, it means that if you don’t have all of the necessary fields filled out on your Google My Business profile, then Google WILL NOT send you the right type of traffic for your business. And that means you could miss out on some awesome new dentistry clients.

Not Asking For An Appointment

Did you know that your dental business can actually direct future patients to take action? You can ask them to book an appointment online. Or allow them to ask questions online. You can even suggest that they register for a workshop or open house. Google gives you all sorts of opportunities to get your future patients to engage and take action with your business. And, if you’re not doing this… your competitor might be beating you to the punch.

Poor Business Reviews

If you have a ton of great and positive reviews on your Google My Business profile — then you’re awesome! And, Google will reward you for your amazing service by sending you more traffic. But, you’re still missing out on some other opportunities from your 5-star reviews. Now, if you don’t have many reviews or 4+ star reviews, there are strategies for how to fix that. This guide will help you solve those problems and leverage your reviews.

Wrong Business Category

Google wants your dental business to get free exposure. We promise. But in order to maximize your exposure and haul in the free traffic, you need to use a few secondary categories as possible to accurately describe your dental business. We know it’s counter-intuitive but the way Google’s algorithm works, you benefit from being focused, not broad.

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